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Writing as a Visual Art (PB)
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ISBN 9781841500294
Paperback 192 pages

Published May 2000
Imprint: Intellect
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Writing as a Visual Art offers a revolutionary approach to writing by exploring a visual and multidimensional experience that is fun and common to people's experience.

Clearly written and liberally illustrated chapters show writing text as being akin to creating a drawing or painting, or designing a structure. The result of discoveries made during ten years of research in the fields of linguistics, cognitive science and artificial intelligence, the author's findings have been successfully applied in education programmes in Italy and the rest of Europe, as well as in workshops in the United States. Writing as a Visual Art is for readers at all levels. Now available in paperback, it offers a new way to think about the process of writing, and the visual tools for creating text, while giving encouragement for writing to be seen as a natural, enjoyable and effective way of communicating.

'Grammar and punctuation show the local structure of a text, but do not clearly indicate the intended rhetorical function of each part, and amateur storytellers often fail in that domain. Tonfoni’s system of explicit symbols could help both language theorists and working writers.' – Marvin Minsky – Toshiba Professor of Arts and Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

'Anyone interested in the visual aspects of texts would do well to read Tonfoni (1994), which casts the writer in the role of painter, drawer and architect and explores the physical shape of texts in space. ' – from: A.Kukulska Hulme, 1999, Language and Communication: Essential Concepts for User Interface and Documentation Design, Oxford University Press, New York, p. 165

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