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Advances in Distributed and Parallel Processing, Volume Two
Volume Two: Applications in Optimization, Fluid Dynamics, and VLSI
Out of Print
Price £20, $28.50
ISBN 9780893918804
Volume 2
Hardback 312 pages

Published November 1999
Imprint: Ablex

Edited by Harry W Tyrer

The Explosive progress in distributed and parallel computing has been accompanied by the concurrent arrival of new hardware architectures, software, and algorithms. This series reviews particular areas in this field based on fundamental issues and the state of the art. Its volumes provide in-depth contributions that will be valuable to all professionals involved in the design, development, research, production, and use of parallel and distributed processing systems.



• Application in Optimization, Fluid Dynamics and VLSI in Distributed and Parallel Processing
• Parallel Nonlinear Optimization
• A Parallel Trajectory Optimization Tool
• Distributed Processing for Multilevel Decomposition
• Applications of Parallel Computing in Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Review
• Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithms on Multiprocessor Computer Systems
• Parallel Algorithms for VLSI Layout Author Index
• Subject Index

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