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Regionalism in the European Union
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ISBN 9781841500010
Paperback 208 pages

Published May 1999
Imprint: Ablex

Edited by Peter Wagstaff
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The view that the nation state is too small for the big problems and too big for the small problems has led to a growing awareness of the power and potential influence of regions within the member states of the EU.

Decision-making is no longer the prerogative of national governments acting alone or in concert as the affirmation of regional identities takes hold. This book foretells a future in which European states reassess their relationships with their neighbours and their citizens as what seems permanent is merely a historical moment.

The author provides an examination of the balance between state and region, centre and periphery, capital and province, within a variety of member states of the European Union. In each case there is analysis of the affirmation of regional identity in a historical context, the growth of regional development, and the dynamics of region/state and inter-regional competition and cooperation.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Introduction: Regions, Nations, Identities'
Peter Wagstaff, University of Bath
Chapter 2: 'Regionalism in the United Kingdom'
Alan Butt Philip, University of Bath
Chapter 3: 'Regionalism in the Republic of Ireland'
Ullrich Kockel, University of Liverpool
Chapter 4: 'Regionalism in France'
Peter Wagstaff
Chapter 5: 'Belgium: a new federalism'
Peter Wagstaff
Chapter 6: 'Regionalism in the Netherlands'
Bernard o'Sullivan, GHK International, Denis Linehan, University College Cork
Chapter 7: 'Federalism in Germany'
Theo Stammen, University of Augsburg
Chapter 8: 'Federalism in Austria'
Josef Honauer, University of Bath
Chapter 9: 'Scandinavian regionalism: the case of Sweden'
Lee Miles, University of Hull
Chapter 10: 'Regionaliam in Italy'
Anna Bull, University of Bath
Chapter 11: 'Regionalism in Greece'
Dimitrios Christopoulos, University of the West of England
Chapter 12: 'Regionalism in Iberia'
Jesús del Río Luelmo, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris, Allan Williams, University of Exeter
Chapter 13: 'The Committee of the Regions of the European Union'
Peter Wagstaff
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