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Reflections on Artificial Intelligence
The Legal, Moral and Ethical Dimensions
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ISBN 9781871516685
Paperback 127 pages
Published May 1996
Imprint: Intellect
Books by Blay Whitby

For many centuries, powerful ideas which reshape our lives, have come from religion and the arts; nowadays, they are coming mainly from science and technology. This book is written with the conviction that these ideas must be discussed widely because almost every human takes some decisions which will shape the impact of technology on our lives.

The author argues that new computer technologies are not obvious, noisy, grand and spectacular as in the past but are largely silent and unseen, whether under the bonnet of a car or in a household washing machine, and the less tangible effects are being neglected - especially with anything involving AI.

The book is multidisciplinary, but a broad-based expertise is not required by the reader. There are references to complexity theory, conceptual dependency, and constitutional law, but the reader does not need to be an expert in all or any of these areas.


• New science, new technology and society
• Social implications of AI
• Why the Turing test is AI's biggest blind alley
• AI and the law: Learning to speak each others language
• AI and the law: Proceed with caution
• Ethical AI
• The computer representation of moral reasoning
• The potential moral duties and rights of intelligent artifacts
• The virtual sky is not the limit: Ethics in virtual reality

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