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Food in European Literature
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ISBN 9781871516883
Paperback 80 pages

Published May 1996
Imprint: Intellect

Edited by John Wilkins

Literature often draws on foods and patterns of eating and symbolism based on them because of their fundamental place in human life and culture. Furthermore, literature has close ties historically to the culture in which it is created and may well portray good and bad times in the farming year, whaling, fishing, etc. English and French novels have often associated a plentiful supply of food with well-being and festivity, while shortages have represented deprivation and misery.

National and regional variations are important in food's representation from the gluttonous feasts of the Roman Empire to the 'tasteless' or 'overcooked' image of English food today. These exaggerated perceptions are considered in conjunction with many other details of European writings on food in articles based around specific cultures, including:

• Ancient Greece - Aristophenes,
• Rome - From Ennius to the graffiti of Pompeii,
• Spain - Don Quixote,
• Portugal - 15th-century cookery books,
• England, France - Puritanism and urbanisation in All Manners of Food,
• Italy - The author Italo Calvino

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