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Audiences and Publics
When Cultural Engagement Matters for the Public Sphere
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ISBN 9781841501291
Volume 2
Paperback 200 pages
174 x 230
Published August 2005
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Sonia Livingstone
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In today’s thoroughly mass-mediated world, audiences and publics are, of course, composed of the same people. Yet social science traditionally treats them quite differently. Indeed, it is commonplace to define audiences in opposition to the public: in both popular and elite discourses, audiences are denigrated as trivial, passive, individualised, while publics are valued as active, critically engaged and politically significant.


Chapter titles
Introduction   - Page 9
Chpt 1: On the relation between audiences and ...   - Page 17
Chpt 2: Mothers, midwives and abortionists:...   - Page 43
Chpt 3: The public on the television screen: ...   - Page 77
Chpt 4: The elusive public of television news   - Page 99
Chopt 5: Initiating a public: Malagasy music and..   - Page 115
Chpt 6: Class acts: Public and private values ...   - Page 127
Chpt 7: In defence of privacy: mediating the...   - Page 127
Chpt 8: Media on the move: personalised media...   - Page 127
Appendix: Audiences and publics: comparing ...   - Page 127
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