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British TV and Film Culture of the 1950s
Coming to a TV Near You
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ISBN 9781841501215
Paperback 271 pages
230 x 174 mm
Published April 2005
Imprint: Intellect
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British TV and Film Culture of the 1950s focuses on the emerging historical relations between British television and film culture in the 1950s.

Drawing upon archival research, it does this by exploring the development of the early cinema programme on television - principally Current Release (BBC, 1952-3), Picture Parade (BBC, 1956) and Film Fanfare (ABC, 1956-7) - and argues that it was these texts which played the central role in the developing relations between the media. Particularly when it comes to Britain, the early co-existence of television and cinema has been seen as hostile and antagonistic, but in situating these programmes within the contexts of their institutional production, aesthetic construction and reception, the book aims to ‘reconstruct’ television’s coverage of the cinema as crucial to the fabric of British film and television culture at the time. It demonstrates how the roles of cinema and television - as media industries and cultural forms, but crucially as sites of screen entertainment - effectively came together at this time in such a way that is unique to this decade.


Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Broadcasting It: Approaching the Historical Relations between Cinema and Television'
Page 23
Chapter 2: 'The Cinema Programme Begins: Developing Film "Specially For Television Purposes and Technique"'
Page 41
Chapter 3: 'Current Release: Text and Audience'
Page 65
Chapter 4: 'The Cinema Programme in the Age of Competition: Picture Parade and Film Fanfare 1956-8'
Page 113
Chapter 5: '"As They Really Are, and in Close-up": Film Stars on the 1950s Television'
Page 149
Chapter 6: 'Glamour, Showbusiness and Movies-in-the-Making: The Film Premiere and "Behind-the-Scenes"'
Page 179
Chapter 7: 'Looking at the Wider Picture on the Small Screen: Reconsidering Television, Widescreen and the "X" Certificate in the 1950s'
Page 219
Chapter 8: '"Picture Parade in Long Trousers": Maturity and Change in the Cinema Programme'
Page 251
'British TV & Film Culture in the 1950s is a bold, original and convincing book that demonstrates the importance of the neglected genre of the television cinema programme for both film and television scholars... [it] makes an invaluable contribution to film and television history. It demonstrates the importance of looking across the boundaries of these media and disciplines in researching and teaching their history and in understanding their contemporary significance.' – Catherine Johnson, Manchester Met. University

'The three main case-studies, as published in article form, are fascinating, each one crisply focusing on a specific topic and making fresh and suggestive points.' – Charles Barr, Screen Journal

'This is an important book, which is based on a great deal of new archival material and which casts light on a fascinating and hitherto unresearched area of media history.' – Sue Harper, Journal of British Cinema and Television

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