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European Identity in Cinema
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ISBN 9781841509167
Paperback 119 pages
Published July 2005
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Wendy Everett
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The identity of European cinema, like the identity of Europe itself, is multiple, complex, and fascinating. Providing both a general survey of contemporary European cinema production, distribution and exhibition and detailed critical analysis of specific films, directors, and national cinemas, this volume offers a stimulating and thought-provoking contribution to current film debate.

While the book’s critical essays offer keen insight into the complex identities of European cinema, its combination of breadth and detail, and its interdisciplinary focus and background ensure its wider relevance to anyone interested in questions of contemporary culture and European affairs in general. Its stylistic clarity and freedom from jargon make it readable and accessible.

The essays have been written by respected academics working in a number of disciplines including Film and Media Studies, Modern Languages, and Cultural Studies.

Topics include questions of memory and identity; filmic autobiography and first-person narration; cultural identity; peripheral voices; popular film and political film. Individual directors, and different national cinemas, including those of France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Russia, Scotland and Spain, are viewed in a wider pan- European context. 

Chapter titles
'Introduction: European film and the quest for identity'
Wendy Everett
Chapter 1: 'Re-framing the fingerprints: a short survey of European film'
Wendy Everett
Chapter 2: 'Louis Malle: a European outsider in the American mainstream'
Peter Hawkins
Chapter 3: 'Les Visiteurs: a popular form of cinema for Europe?'
Anne Jackel
Chapter 4: 'Wenders' Paris, Texas and the "European way of seeing"'
Stan Jones
Chapter 5: 'Identity and the past in recent Russian cinema'
David Gillespie
Chapter 6: 'The critique of reification: a subversive current within the cinema of contemporary Spain'
Dominic Keown
Chapter 7: 'Current problems in the study of European cinema and the role of questions on cultural identity'
Ian Aitkin
Chapter 8: 'Film and Northern Ireland: beyond "the troubles'?'
Brian Neev
Chapter 9: 'Peripheral visions: film-making in Scotland'
Duncan Petrie
Chapter 10: 'Timetravel and European film'
Wendy Everett
'European Identity in Cinema succeeds in its stated ambition of providing an useful introduction to these questions and includes some very interesting surveys of identity in those national cinemas addressed.' – Richard Morton, Scope

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