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Queer Cinema in Europe
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ISBN 9781841500799
Paperback 232 pages
Published May 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Robin Griffiths
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This landmark collection draws together a number of accessible and insightful essays that explore, for the first time, an exciting new area of academic analysis and debate. 

Through case studies of key films and filmmakers, the contributors to this volume resituate discussions of queer representation and desire within a uniquely diverse and divergent European context. In addition, they raise many provocative questions about understandings of gender, sexuality and identity in film that spill across a variety of national borders, cultures and traditions.

Queer Cinema in Europe demonstrates the vital yet under-valued role that European filmmakers have played in anticipating notions of queer subjectivity in the new millennium.

Chapter titles
Introduction: 'Contesting Borders: Mapping a European Queer Cinema' - Page 14
Robin Griffiths
Chapter 1: 'Queering the Family in Francois Ozon's Sitcom' - Page 23
Michelle Chilcoat
Chapter 2: 'Representing Gay Male Domesticity in French Film of the late 1990s' - Page 35
Todd. W. Reeser
Chapter 3: 'The Films of Ducastel and Martineau: Gay Identity, the Family, and the Autobiographical Self' - Page 49
Christopher Pullen
Chapter 4: 'The Body Picturesque: The Films of Bavo Defurne' - Page 65
Michael Williams
Chapter 5: 'The Mechanical Reproduction of Melodrama: Matthias Muller's "Home" Movies' - Page 79
Robert L. Cagle
Chapter 6: 'The Animated Queer' - Page 93
Aylish Wood
Chapter 7: 'Bars to Understanding?: Depictions of the 'Gay Bar' in Film with Specific Reference to coming Out,Les nuits fauves, and Beautiful Thing' - Page 106
Steve Wharton
Chapter 8: 'Queer as Turk: A Journey to Three Queer Melodramas' - Page 117
Baris Kilicbay
Chapter 9: 'Bodies without Borders? Queer Cinema and Sexuality after the Fall' - Page 129
Robin Griffiths
Chapter 10: 'School Is Out: British 'Coming Out' Films in the 1990s' - Page 145
Santiago Fouz-Hernandez
Chapter 11: 'Trans-Europe Success: Dirk Bogarde's International Queer Stardom' - Page 167
Glyn Davis
Chapter 12: 'Subjection and Power in Monika Treut and Elfi Mikesch's Seduction - The Cruel Woman: An Extension of the Configuration of Power in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Late Oeuvre' - Page 181
Andrea Reimann
Chapter 13: 'Berlin is Running: Olympic Memories and Queer Performances' - Page 195
Andrew Webber
Chapter 14: 'Transgressive Drag Kings, Defying Dildoed Dykes: A Look at Contemporary Swedish Queer Film' - Page 207
Louise Wallenberg
'The book is filled with great articles and analysis of interesting European film scenarios [...] This anthology will come in useful for film scholars who are interested in comparing GLBT representations in European films to queer portrayals in American or non-Western cinema.' – Farhana Uddin, The Adirondack Review

'A solid, thorough, and valuable examination of this emerging field of cultural study.' – The Gay & Lesbian Review

'Building on Griffiths’ innovative reader British Queer Cinema (2006), this new collection of essays explores the relation between queer sexuality and cinema in a changing Europe. The contributing scholars seek to understand both how queerness is being represented in European film productions and how notions of sexuality and identity impact the evolution of European nationhood. Queer Cinema in Europe does not offer an exhaustive overview of European queer film production, but that is not its purpose. Through its different essays and casestudies, it does show the need for further scholarly enquiry into the aesthetics and social impact of queer representation. Homophobia is still lingering in the oftenpresumed tolerant climate of Europe, as the distinct analyses by Baris Kilic¸bay and Andrew Webber of the Turkish-German film Lola þ Bilidikid (E. Kutlug Ataman, 1999) demonstrate. This volume makes clear that beyond the necessity of mapping and critically evaluating the different discourses in European queer cinema, the emancipatory goal of queer studies should also be pursued.' – Frederik Dhaenens, Ghent University

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