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The Potentials of Spaces
The Theory and Practice of Scenography & Performance
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ISBN 9781841501376
Paperback pages
230 x 174mm
Published June 2006
Imprint: Intellect
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The Potentials of Space interrogates the relationship between scenography and performance in contemporary dramatic activities. The book provides an illuminating platform for discussion concerning the interrelations between theatrical movement and gesture in physical space. In exploring territories of performance, the author equally combines theoretical research with details of dramatic methods and performances, thus providing a valuable insight into working practices. Avant-garde and experimental approaches towards sensory, spatial and visual aspects of the stage are described and explored.

Through a discussion regarding the performance possibilities viable through technological development and new media in recent years, the book aims to challenge tradition and inspire new creative directions upon the stage. The book breaks new ground on dramatic and spatial awareness within the tropics of theatre. An essential text for those interested in, or studying, theatrical practice and scenography.

Chapter titles
'Introduction: The Potentials of Spaces' - Page 11
Alison Oddey & Christine White
1: 'Directors and Designers: Is there a different direction?' - Page 25
Pamela Howard
2: 'Different Directions: The potentials of autobiographical space' - Page 33
Allison Oddey
3: 'Collaborative Explorations: Reformulating the boundaries of scenographic practice' - Page 51
Roma Patel
4: 'Flatness and Depth: Reflections' - Page 61
Nick Wood
5:' Digital Dreams: Sleep Deprivation Chamber' - Page 69
Lesley Ferris
6: 'Re-Designing the Human: motion capture and performance potentials' - Page 85
Katie Whitlock
7: 'Smart Laboratories: New media' - Page 93
Christine White
8: 'A Place to Play: Experimentation and Interactions Between Technology and Performance' - Page 105
Scott Palmer
9: 'Scenographic avant-gardes: Artistic Partnerships in Canada' - Page 121
Natalie Rewa
10: 'Codes and Overloads: The Scenography of Richard Foreman' - Page 135
Neal Swettenham
11: 'Spatial Practices: The Wooster Group's Rhode Island Trilogy' - Page 143
Johann Callens
12: 'Physicality and Virtuality: Memory, Space and Actor on the Mediated Stage' - Page 157
Thea Brejzek
'Oddey and White’s book is a must for anyone engaging in areas of performance and scenography, immensely readable and profound. This international collection of scholarly chapters gives readers the latest thinking, practice and research in this subject. ' – Professor Lawrence Wallen, Head of postgraduate studies in scenography, School of Art and Design, Zurich

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