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The Art and Science of Screenwriting
Out of Print
Price £20, $28.50
ISBN 9781841500652
Hardback 224 pages
Published May 1999
Imprint: Intellect
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The Art and Science of Screenwriting provides an introduction to the essential elements of screenwriting, from finding an idea to creating a finished screenplay.

The book includes new methodology, involving advice on how to apply creative vision and has a focus on the project itself. It also considers the work prior to deciding the format (ie, film or television), as well as looking at the needs of the market.

The Art and Science of Screenwriting is based on the author's experience of building a new approach to both the tuition of screenwriting and its analysis and uses contemporary film and television examples from the UK, Europe and across the world.

The overall framework breaks from the dominant concerns of act structure, as well as the current debate on the merits of story-driven or character-driven narratives. This is replaced by a six-part framework, comprising story, theme, plot, dramatic structures, narrative and style.

This approach uses a wide range of examples from world cinema and the mainstream as well as minority film interests, and links the basics of screenwriting across the film/television divide.

'An excellent if quite demanding book…plenty of practical advice.' – Julian Friedmann, Screenwriter Magazine

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