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Visual Communication
More than Meets the Eye
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ISBN 9781841501413
Paperback 132 pages
Published January 2007
Imprint: Intellect
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We exist in a visual culture. The importance of reading and interpreting signs has become a rapidly increasing concern in recent years. This book offers an intricate theoretical perspective regarding the study of visual communication and expands the academic arena for debate concerning the visual.

Veering away from normative approaches, the author advances with original strides into new ways of understanding the visual experience. Departing from aesthetic and graphic-based directions, the book employs information and language theory to support an enquiry into the connection between perception and linguistics. In dealing with ideas, rather than solutions, the book resonates with a philosophical tenor. However, the author is effective in providing a practical basis for many of the issues discussed alongside this theoretical stance. This book is targeted at a wide range of interdisciplinary readers including media, cultural and communication students and particularly those with interests in visual theory.

Chapter titles
Chapter One: The Perceptual Connection - Page 13
Harry Jamieson
Chapter Two: The Semiotic Connection - Page 29
Harry Jamieson
Chapter Three: ‘In-Forming’ and Meaning - Page 45
Harry Jamieson
Chapter Four: The Tacit Dimension - Page 61
Harry Jamieson
Chapter Five: The Aesthetic Dimension - Page 75
Harry Jamieson
Chapter Six: Frames and Framing - Page 93
Harry Jamieson
Chapter Seven: Language or System - Page 111
Harry Jamieson
'The significance of Jamieson's book is that it addresses the subject of the visual arts from this wider vantage point. For Jamieson, the visual arts reveal visual communication as the means by which the body and its organs communicate with its surrounding forms. ' – Professor Robert Cooper, Keele University

'This text purports to offer a new means of understanding visual communication. The author, Harry Jamieson, has worked in a number of distinct fields: advertising, art, education, as a research scientist for the Medical Research Council and as an academic at the University of Liverpool. In the text he obviously draws upon these different careers and produces a complex and original approach to the study of visual communication. ' – Marcus Leaning, University of Wales

'Visual Communication: More than Meets the Eye brings back all the fervour and insight of the best analyses of visual communication...It contains numerous insights to help media practitioners, artists and educational designers to understand their crafts. Jamieson goes beyond the descriptive approach typical of broadcast and media studies analysts, and treats underlying themes of the visual in art and the media. ' – Jon Baggaley, Learning Media and Technology

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