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The Gate
Story of the Bab in Words and Images
Out of Print
Price £11, $14.50
ISBN 9781841509402
Paperback 64 pages
Published January 2006
Imprint: Intellect
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This book tells the true story of the life of the Bab, whose name means the Gate. His life led to the foundation of the Baha’i Faith. In many ways it parallels the life of Christ. It is one of the great stories of our time, starting in Persia, now Iran, in 1844. This miraculous event is now becoming known in all parts of the world.

The book charts the artistic development of a painting offering historical portraits of people and events. The aim has been to create a feeling of the places and the context. It is made out nineteen panels which fit into the design of the whole story.

The book also uses the structure of the painting and offers short explanations for each of its panels. These cover:

Shaykh Ahmed; Siyyid Kazim; Mula Husayn
The Letters of the Living
The Bab’s journey to Mecca
Over the desert with Quddus to Mecca
Confrontation in the Mosque
The Bab cures a boy of Cholera
The Bab is delivered to the Governor of Tabriz
The Bab is imprisoned
The Bab is lashed with sticks
The Babis defend themselves under siege
The death of Mullah Husayn
The martyrdom of the Babis
The first shooting of the Bab
The martyrdom of the Bab
Baha’u’llah and his family are exiled
The Shrine of the Bab, Mt. Carmel, Israel

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