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Broadcasters and Citizens in Europe
Trends in Media Accountability and Viewer Participation
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ISBN 9781841501604
Hardback pages
Published February 2007
Imprint: Intellect

Edited by Paolo Baldi and Uwe Hasebrink
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Broadcasting is arguably the most influential and powerful industry operating today. The media impose an inescapable presence in contemporary life and infuse all areas of public communication. But what is the quality of the relationship between ‘broadcaster’ and ‘citizen’? Do the media and media authorities take the audience's interests seriously into account? Do audiences have real opportunities to express themselves? Are citizens well informed and educated about the social, the cultural and the civic role that media can play?

In this book, five authors present the main results of an extensive programme of research that was financed by the European Commission. The study was conducted in 29 European countries and each author analyses European trends from different but complementary perspectives: from the broadcasters side (media accountability and responsibility, including the key role of Public Service Broadcasting); from the citizens' side (viewers' participation mechanisms) and from the regulatory side (legal instruments which protect viewer rights). Given the historical experience of the United Kingdom, the situation in this country is analysed in detail. A specific chapter also describes the instruments and procedures that TV viewers have at the European Union level in addition to those existing at national level.

Chapter titles
'Introduction: overview of a European study' - Page 9
Paolo Baldi and Uwe Hasebrink
'Media accountability in Europe: a fragmented picture' - Page 17
Paolo Baldi
'UK broadcasting policy: the “long wave” shift in conceptions of accountability' - Page 33
Richard Collins and Zoe Sujon
'The protection of viewer rights in Europe' - Page 53
Bernd Holznagel and Christiane Jungfleisch
'Media users’ participation in Europe from a civil society perspective' - Page 75
Uwe Hasebrink, Anja Herzog & Christiane Eilders
'Viewers’ rights in the European Union: policies and instruments' - Page 93
Paolo Celot and Fausto Gualtieri
'A good source of information about institutional arrangements developed in European countries in the field of audio-visual policy. It gives an interesting and well-written account of how particular European countries and the European Union try to deal with different problems deriving from the ethical dilemma inscribed in the construction of media systems.' – Magdalena Rek, Journal of Contemporary European Studies

'Communication scholars will benefit from the focus on research from across Europe along with the theoretical implications. For media policy-makers and members of civic organisations, the taxonomy of instruments will provide an overview for possible policy development.' – Jarim Kim, Media International Australia

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