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Media Between Culture and Commerce
An Introduction
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ISBN 9781841501659
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Published July 2007
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Els De Bens
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This book addresses the consequences of the main changes the media have undergone over the last 10 years: increasing commercialisation, concentration, convergence and internationalisation. The contributors reflect on the debate and the concern about the role of the media in a rapidly changing society.

All contributions have been written originally for this volume and have not been published elsewhere. Contributors include eighteen academics from fifteen European countries, all of them experts in media research.

The book is an invaluable resource for researchers and students in communication sciences, as well as for general readers interested in the role played by the media in social developments at large.

This is volume 4 in the Changing Media, Changing Europe book series, supported by the European Science Foundation.

Chapter titles
Chpt 1: Media Between Culture and Commerce: An...   - Page 9
Chpt 2: Media diversity, competition and ...   - Page 25
Chpt 3: Measuring and Assessing Empirical Media...   - Page 55
Chpt 4: Toward Easy-to-Measure Media Diversity...   - Page 99
Chpt 5: Public Service Broadcasting: A Pawn on...   - Page 115
Chpt 6: Financing Public Service Broadcasters in..   - Page 127
Chpt 7: Public Service Broadcasting and New ...   - Page 127
Chpt 8: Looking to the Future   - Page 127
Chpt 9: Media Governance Structures in Europe   - Page 127
Chpt 10: Towards Democratic Media Governance   - Page 127
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