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Media & Values
Intimate Transgressions in a Changing Moral and Cultural Landscape
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ISBN 9781841501833
Paperback 402 pages
230 x 174mm
Published January 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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'Media & Values' provides a major empirical investigation into the moral performance of the media.

Based on 22 focus groups, three nationally representative questionnaire surveys and interviews with senior media personnel and regulators, this book charts the changing position of the media as a moral voice representing ways in which we live. A central theme of the study is how television has lost moral authority to pronounce on the way we should live and instead has increasingly reflected, and given visibility to, the values and norms of a variety of social groups. The book examines not just the lack of moral certainty that has overtaken television, but the lack of moral certainty of the audience in discussing social, moral and political issues. Particular attention is also given to the whole question of privacy in modern society and the performance of the media in intruding into private performances.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'The Need for a Moral Language'
Page 25
Chapter 2: 'The Question of Regulation: The Absence of a Moral Language'
Page 61
Chapter 3: 'Culture in Practice'
Page 89
Chapter 4a: 'What Constitutes Social and Anti-Social Behaviour? Views of Authority - Voices from Focus Groups'
Page 113
Chapter 4b: 'What Constitutes Social and Anti-Social Behaviour? Views of Authority - Voices from Surveys'
Page 155
Chapter 5: 'Privacy and the Construction of Self'
Page 191
Chapter 6: 'The Problem of Privacy'
Page 207
Chapter 7: 'Clarifying the Conceptual Problems'
Page 259
Chapter 8a: 'What are the Limits of the Private? Voices from Focus Groups'
Page 279
Chapter 8b: 'What are the Limits of the Private? Voices from Surveys'
Page 341
'This profoundly original and learned book creatively illuminates citizens’ moral reasoning about the media, culture, and government. A tour de force of nuanced interdisciplinary scholarship, Media & Values offers wide-ranging insights into the responsibilities of the communication industry, the justifications and consequences of telecoms regulation-and the nature of the good society itself.' – Robert M Entman, J B and M C Shapiro Professor of Media & Public Affairs, George Washington University

'This is a very important book – a ‘must read’. The intellectual scope is astonishing: the problem it addresses is quite crucial – namely the moral incoherence of the contemporary world and the way that this shows up in empirical research into individual attitudes/opinions/tastes/judgements. It’s original, powerful, thoughtful and spot on as a diagnosis of the times and the very real issues we confront today.' – Professor Paddy Scannell, Department of Communication Studies, University of Michigan

'There are great riches here: from the interviews with senior media executives [...] to the discussion of popular television culture's celebration of celebrity' – John Lloyd, Prospect

'A thorough philosophical discussion through which the authors bring into the contemporary debate the classical conceptions of good society, good life, public interest, freedom, and authority associated with (neo)Aristotelian and liberal traditions.' – Davide Calenda, Information, Community and Society

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