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Trends in Functional Programming Volume 7
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ISBN 9781841501888
Paperback pages
230 x 174mm
Published November 1999
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Henrik Nilsson
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This is Volume 7 of Trends in Functional Programming (TFP). It contains a
refereed selection of the papers that were presented at TFP 2006: the Seventh
Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming. which took place in Nottingham,
19-21 April, 2006.

TFP is an international forum for researchers from all functional programming
communities spanning the entire width of topics in the field. Its goal is to
provide a broad view of current and future trends in functional programming in
a lively and friendly setting, thus promoting new research directions related
to the field of functional programming and the relationship between functional
programming and other fields of computer science.

True to the spirit of TFP, the selection of papers in this volume covers a
wide range of topics, including dependently typed programming, generic
programming, purely functional data structures, function synthesis,
declarative debugging, implementation of functional programming languages, and
memory management. A particular emerging trend is that of dependently typed
programming, reflected by a number of papers in the present selection and by
the co-location of TFP and Types 2006.
Chapter titles
Chpt 1: Proving Termination Using Dependent ...   - Page 1
Chpt 2: Proving the Correctness of Algorithmic ...   - Page 19
Chpt 3: Systematic Synthesis of Functions   - Page 35
Chpt 4: A Purely Functional Implementation of ...   - Page 55
Chpt 5: Efficient Interpretation by Transforming..   - Page 73
Chpt 6: Object-Orientated Programming in...   - Page 91
Chpt 7: A Sharing Analysis for SAFE   - Page 109
Chpt 8: Memory Usage Improvement Using Runtime ...   - Page 127
Chpt 9: A Model of Functional Programming with ...   - Page 127
Chpt 10: Function Concepts in C++   - Page 127
Chpt 11: Resource-Based Web Applications   - Page 127
Chpt 12: Extensible and Modular Generics for the..   - Page 127
Chpt 13: When is an Abstract Data Type a Functor?   - Page 127
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