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Contemporary Theatre in Education
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ISBN 9781841501703
Paperback 176 pages
Published August 2007
Imprint: Intellect
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'Theatre in education' emerged in the mid-sixties as a unique hybrid of performance and child-centred learning. Contemporary Theatre in Education charts the creation and adaptation of this ‘hybrid’ through the changing political, economic and educational environment. It also takes a ‘snapshot’ of the TIE being created today, considering all the projects being performed in Wales during a single month. The projects are analysed and every TIE director interviewed about the work and the policies of their companies. It becomes very clear that that the distinction between TIE and children’s theatre is being blurred.

Is it possible for the hybrid to survive? Or have the economics of schools, the post-National Curriculum educational philosophy and the lack of understanding from a new breed of teachers created an environment that has forced a mutation? Perhaps theatre in education has just evolved, but perhaps just forty years after it began it is facing extinction.

This book will be of relevance to anyone who works with TIE or drama in schools as a practitioner or a teacher. It is also an invaluable resource for any school, college or university student studying the application of theatre in a school environment.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Introduction' - Page 1
Roger Wooster
Chapter 2: 'The Origin of the Species: The Genetic Legacy from Drama in Education' - Page 6
Roger Wooster
Chapter 3: 'The Origin of the Species: The Theatrical Legacy and the Theatre and Education Hybrid' - Page 21
Roger Wooster
Chapter 4: 'The Fight for Survival' - Page 30
Roger Wooster
Chapter 5: 'The Welsh Environment' - Page 35
Roger Wooster
Chapter 6: 'Current TIE Provision in Wales: The Survival of the Fittest?' - Page 46
Roger Wooster
Chapter 7: 'Conclusion: Evolution or Mutation?' - Page 63
Roger Wooster
Appendix 1: 'The Companies, the Projects and the Interviewees' - Page 73
Roger Wooster
Appendix 2: 'The Questionnaire' - Page 76
Roger Wooster
Appendix 3: 'The Interviews' - Page 80
Roger Wooster
Appendix 4: 'Summary Tables' - Page 148
Roger Wooster
'The book gives an informed and erudite account of the history and evolution of T.I.E., with particular emphasis on the way in which that has been shaped by the political, social and artistic developments of the past 60 years […]. In combining his historic research and audit of current practice in Wales, [Wooster] offers an interconnecting analysis of cause and effect between the various elements influencing the subject. ' – Bobby Colvill – The Journal for Drama in Education, 24.2

'How this state of affairs has come about and the paradox it has presented to Theatre in Education (T.I.E) companies is at the heart of this very informative book. ' – Journal of Drama in Education

'This book is primarily of relevance to those who work with TIE [Theatre In Education] or drama in schools as a practitioner or a teacher.' – Interplay Magazine

'This book is an excellent and surprisingly stimulating read.' – Matthew Trustman, Dramatherapy

'A most useful, provocative and well-researched theoretical document which I will most certainly have on my essential reading list for students studying theatre in education. ' – Charmian Savill, University of Aberystwyth

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