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Trends in Functional Programming Volume 6
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ISBN 9781841501765
Volume 6
Paperback pages
230 x 174mm
Published July 2007
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Marko van Eekelen
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This book presents latest research developments in the area of functional programming. The contributions in this volume cover a wide range of topics from theory, formal aspects of functional programming, transformational and generic programming to type checking and designing new classes of data types.

Not all papers in this book belong to the category of research papers. Also, the categories of project description (at the start of a project) and project evaluation (at the end of a project) papers are represented. Particular trends in this volume are:
- software engineering techniques such as metrics and refactoring for high-level programming languages;
- generation techniques for data type elements as well as for lambda expressions;
- analysis techniques for resource consumption with the use of high-level programming languages for embedded systems;
- widening and strengthening of the theoretical foundations.

The TFP community ( is dedicated to promoting new research directions related to the field of functional programming and to investigate the relationships of functional programming with other branches of computer science. It is designed to be a platform for novel and upcoming research.

Chapter titles
Chpt 1: A New Approach to One-Pass Transformations   - Page 1
Chpt 2: A Static Checker for Safe Pattern ...   - Page 15
Chpt 3: Software Metrics: Measuring Haskell   - Page 31
Chpt 4: Type-Specialised Serialisation with ...   - Page 47
Chpt 5: Logical Relations for Call-by-Value ...   - Page 63
Chpt 6: Epigram Reloaded: A Standalone Typechecker   - Page 79
Chpt 7: Formalisation of Haskell Refactorings   - Page 95
Chpt 8: Systematic Search for Lamdba Expressions   - Page 111
Chpt 9: First-Class Open and Closed Fragments   - Page 127
Chpt 10: Comonadic Functional Attribute Evaluation   - Page 127
Chpt 11: Generic Generation of the Elements of...   - Page 127
Chpt 12: Extensible Record with Scoped Labels   - Page 127
Chpt 13: Project Start Paper: The Embounded ...   - Page 127
Chpt 14: Project Evaluation Paper: Mobile ...   - Page 127
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