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Decode Vol. 1
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ISBN 9781841509815
Volume 1
Paperback pages
Published July 2007
Imprint: Intellect
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Myths is a visual and written exploration on the subject of myths. It contains contributions from writers, illustrators, designers, photographers and artists from around the world who have each responded to the theme in their own unique way. 

Myths is important as it approaches the theme in various ways but also includes interviews with artists who have been inspired by myths in some way – furthering our understanding and appreciation for myths within an artistic context. The book should appeal to an audience who value aesthetics both in design terms and creative content. The area of myths is one of interest to most people but the originality and wide investigation of the theme in this book should offer further insights to readers. The book also benefits from its eclectic international content and strong sense of creative community.

Part of the Decode series
Chapter titles
The Beauty Myth   (Free Chapter) - Page 8
Shazam!   - Page 14
Sarah Fanelli   (Free Chapter) - Page 20
Creature Feature   - Page 28
Myth & Metaphor   - Page 42
Interview   - Page 44
Photography   (Free Chapter) - Page 52
Interview:Andrew Short, Artist   - Page 64
Twin Myths   - Page 70
Smoke & Mirrors   - Page 72
Brief Encounter: Elizabeth Woodcock   - Page 76
Photography: Mount Etna by Martin Tompkins   - Page 78
Interview: James Victore, Graphic Agitator   - Page 84
Ota Dokan   - Page 93
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