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Hong Kong New Wave Cinema (1978–2000)
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ISBN 9781841501482
Paperback 264 pages
230 x 174mm
Published April 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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The rise of 'New Wave' cinema in 1970s Hong Kong has had a significant cultural and economic impact on the film industry of China. Hong Kong New Wave Cinema presents a comprehensive picture of the films made in this vibrant era and the complexity of issues they tackle such as East-West conflict, colonial politics, the struggle of women in a modernizing Asian city and identity crisis, all portrayed in visually striking ways.

Cheuk delves into the cinematic style and aesthetics of the New Wave directors, many of whom were graduates of Western universities, and applies auteur and genre theory to the group's work. As well as penetrating the narrative content, structure and the mise-en-scene of specific films through theoretical analysis, the book explores the development of TV and film industries in Hong Kong during the 1960s and 1970s, the elevated quality of cinema during this period and the entry of Hong Kong filmmakers, such as Tsui Hark and Ann Hui, into the mainstream and Hollywood in the 1990s.

Hong Kong New Wave Cinema maps the birth and eventual decline of celebrated 'New Wave' in a fascinating and thorough manner. Tong relates the movement to a wider historical context of the developing society and culture of Hong Kong at that time. His study of the celebrated golden age of Hong Kong film contextualises 'New Wave' and describes its wide-reaching effects upon contemporary cinema in Hong Kong, the greater China region and far beyond.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'The Emergence of the New Wave' - Page 9
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 2: 'The Interactive Relationship Between Hong Kong's Film and Television Industries' - Page 29
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 3: 'Ann Hui' - Page 53
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 4: 'Tsui Hark' - Page 83
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 5: 'Patrick Tam' - Page 119
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 6: 'Yim Ho' - Page 147
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 7: 'Allen Fong' - Page 163
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 8: 'Alex Cheung' - Page 179
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 9: 'Studies on Non-Core New Wave Directors Kirk Wong and Clifford Choi' - Page 189
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 10: 'Studies on Non-Core New Wave Directors Lau Shing Hon, Tong Kee Ming, Peter Yung and Dennis Yu' - Page 211
Pak Tong Cheuk
Chapter 11: 'Contributions and Influence of the New Wave' - Page 233
Pak Tong Cheuk
'An interesting and detailed look at one of the most vital movements in the film industry during the latter part of the twentieth century. Pak's work [...] goes into detail about the works of some of the most notable New Wave directors, including Tsui Hark, Ann Hui, and Patrick Tam, and the effects their pictures had on film-makers from all over the world. ' – Neil Koch,

'The content divided between the background and development of Hong Kong New Wave cinema and critical appraisals of central directors plus author Cheuk's nuanced comprehension from proximity to the subject make the work of particular interest to students of contemporary cinema.' – Henry Berry,

'A resource for curious film buffs who want to gain some background knowledge. For the English reader who's just seen Tsui Hark's The Butterfly Murders and is scratching his head in need of guidance, this translation is the best guide.' – Brian Hu "Asia Pacific Arts"

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