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International Dialogues about Visual Culture, Education and Art
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ISBN 9781841501673
Paperback 280 pages
Published June 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Rachel Mason and Teresa Eça
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The 2006 InSEA conference’s general aim was to facilitate debate in global higher art education on an international and multicultural basis. With contributions from across the world, International Dialogues in Art Education reflects this aim, presenting an original volume discussing themes in higher art education with an aim to helping solve global issues surrounding the subject.

This diverse collection focuses on international themes in art education, ranging from discussions of educational policy and art theory to exemplary art projects based on both local and international political issues. This political aspect of art education expressed through community projects offers International Dialogues in Art Education to a more diverse audience, from art educators to scholars to those interested in the relationship between politics and art.

International Dialogues in Art Education successfully engages with new, often unheard voices in art education, offering a representative discussion of global art education issues.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Creativity and Culture: Redefining Knowledge Through the Arts in Education for the Local in a Gloabalized World' - Page 21
Elizabeth Grierson
Chapter 2: 'Folk Arts and Traditional Media in Environmental Education' - Page 33
Durgadas Mukhopadhyay
Chapter 3: 'Leading to Creativity: Responding to Policy in Art Education' - Page 39
Kerry Freedman
Chapter 4: 'Post-colonization and Art Education: Standards, Aesthetics and the Place of the Art Museum' - Page 49
Nancy Barnard
Chapter 5: 'Between Circumstances and Controversies: Proposals for a Visual Arts Critical Pedagogy' - Page 63
Irene Tourinho & Raimundo Martins
Chapter 6: 'Cultural Literacy: An Arts-based Interdisciplinary Pedagogy for the Creation of Democratic Multicultural Societies' - Page 69
Dan Baron Cohen & Manoela Souza
Chapter 7: 'Social Justice Through Curriculum: Investigating Issues of Diversity' - Page 81
Patricia L. Stuhr, Christine Ballengee-Morris and Vesta A. H. Daniel
Chapter 8: 'Contemporary Artworks as Sites for Identity Research' - Page 96
Rachel Mason
Chapter 9: 'Face (in) the Mirror' - Page 111
Nelson Hoedekie
Chapter 10: 'Blended Learning in Art Education: New Ways of Improving Visual Literacy' - Page 121
Dolores Alvarez-Rodriguez
Chapter 11: 'Developing a Learning Environment for Drama with Hypermedia' - Page 131
Daniela Reimann
Chapter 12: 'Implications of Media Technology-based Workshops for Art Education' - Page 141
Kaziju Mogi, Kinichi Fukomoto, Nagamori Motoki, Toshifumi Abe, Toshio Naoe & Yuuka Sato
Chapter 13: 'Creating, Developing and Maintaining a Digital Magazine: Revista Digital Art&' - Page 149
Jurema Luzia De Freitas Sampaio-Ralha, Martha Prata-Linhares, Anna Rita Araujo & Gisele Torres Martini
Chapter 14: 'Sementinha: School Under the Mango Tree' - Page 161
Ana Angelico Albano
Chapter 15: 'Cultural Brokerage and Regional Arts: Developing an Enabler Model for Cultural and Economic Sustainability' - Page 171
Robyn Stewart & Christine Campbell
Chapter 16: 'Art, Ecology and the Giant Sequoia Project' - Page 181
Elizabeth Kenneday
Chapter 17: 'The Visual Arts and Development of Marine Ecological Values: The WorldFish Center Project' - Page 187
Lindsay Broughton, Jane Quon & Peter Hay
Chapter 18: 'Environmental Art and Community Art Learning in Northern Places' - Page 197
Timo Jokela & Maria Huhmarniemi
Chapter 19: 'The Iraqi War Through Our Eyes' - Page 213
Bitte Fossbo
Chapter 20: 'Art Educator's Positions on Violent Conflict in Israel' - Page 223
Nurit Cohen-Evron
Chapter 21: 'Fostering Community Cohesion Through Visual Arts: An 'Art for Peace' Project with Young British-Muslim Girls' - Page 231
Mousumi De, Alan Hunter & Andre Woodcock
Chapter 22: 'Children's Pictures in the Aftermath of War. What do they Tell Us?' - Page 243
Victoria Pavlou
Chapter 23: 'The Ethiopian Village in Jewish Children's Drawings' - Page 257
Rachel Kroupp
Chapter 24: 'Young Adult's Constructions of Meaning in Child Art' - Page 265
Lourdes K. Samson
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