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Art, Community and Environment
Educational Perspectives
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ISBN 9781841501895
Hardback 328 pages
Published September 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Timo Jokela
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Art, Community and Environment investigates wide-ranging issues raised by the interaction between art practice, community participation, and the environment, both natural and urban.

This volume brings together a distinguished group of contributors from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Finland to examine topics such as urban art, community participation, local empowerment and the problems of ownership. Featuring rich colour illustrations and informative case studies from around the world, Art, Community and Environment addresses the growing interest in this fascinating dimension of art and education, forming a vital addition to Intellect’s Readings in Art and Design Education series.

Chapter titles
Part One: Environments Chapter 1: 'A Wanderer in the Landscape: Reflections on the Relationship between Art and the Northern Environment' - Page 3
Timo Jokela
Chapter 2: 'Developing an Environmental Aesthetic: Aesthetics and the Outdoor Experience ' - Page 29
Angus McWilliam
Chapter 3: 'Strategies for the Convivial City: A New Agenda for Education for the Built Environment' - Page 51
Malcolm Miles
Chapter 4: 'Beyond Process: Art, Empowerment and Sustainability' - Page 65
Mark Dawes
Chapter 5: 'Community Art Projects and Virtual Learning Environments' - Page 77
Maria Huhmarniemi
Chapter 6: 'Community-Based Art Education in the North: A Space for Agency?' - Page 91
Mirja Hiltunen
Chapter 7: 'Crossing the Line' -113
Sarah Bennett
Chapter 8: 'Art and Design Education and the Built Environment' - Page 125
Eileen Adams
Chapter 9: 'Connections between Public Art and Art and Design Education in Schools' - Page 145
Eileen Adams
Chapter 10: 'Art, Design and Environment: A Programme for Teacher Education' - Page 165
Eileen Adams and Tony Chisholm
Chapter 11: 'Training Community Artists in Scotland' - Page 175
Julie Austin
Chapter 12: 'Community Art: What’s the Use?' - Page 193
Glen Coutts
Chapter 13: 'Collaborative Project-Based Studies in Art Teacher Education: An Environmental Perspective' - Page 217
Timo Jokela
Chapter 14: 'Hard Lessons: Public Sculpture and the Education System in Nineteenth-Century Glasgow' - Page 241
Ray Mckenzie
Chapter 15: 'Living City: An Experiment in Urban Design Education' - Page 263
Les Hooper
Chapter 16: 'Using Multimedia to Teach Young People about Public Art in Glasgow' - Page 285
Glen Coutts
'A valuable dissection of the issues concerning the interface of "public" and "community" art. It is an illuminating analysis of approaches and attitudes in such geographically distant locations, with such a wide range of educational experiences and artistic results. ' – Andy Scott, Sculptor

'No other book so richly brings together detailed descriptions and captivating images of community-based projects that exemplify the relationship between making environmental art, creating aesthetic experiences and embodying the essence of place. ' – Rita L. Irwin, The University of British Columbia

'Timo Jokela and Glen Coutts have put together a welcome collection of essays outlining a rich and manifold picture of the educational and aesthetic aspects that come into play when artists and art educators take our built and living environment as their primary arena. ' – Pirkko Pohjakallio-Koskinen, University of Art & Design, Finland

'Its main focus is the connection between artists and the environment,[...] this is reflected in not only in the text, but the pictures as well, some of which are beautiful and eye-catching [...] Anyone looking to use the book for reference can easily dip in and out of it. ' – Jodie Beecroft,

'The breadth of topics here is impressive: Mark Dawes outlines modes of empowerment and questions of sustainability, whilst Maria Huhmarniemi explores the internet as a tool for community art projects. ' – Steve Hanson, Cultural Studies Lecturer at Hereford College of Arts

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