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Media in the Enlarged Europe
Politics, Policy and Industry
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ISBN 9781841509983
Paperback 240 pages
Published February 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Alec Charles
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The EU is in a constant state of flux: its constitution, its institutions and especially its political, economic and regulatory borders.

Media in the Enlarged Europe deals with the complexity and instability of the European Union and its relationship with the mass media, looking beyond national and cultural boundaries. This compilation also views the mass media not only in its more traditional senses, but looks at newer media technologies and their applications.

The recurring theme that binds the diverse papers in this collection is the relationship between European media industries and their social, political, economic and legislative contexts. The first part of the collection offers a snapshot of media politics, policies, industries and cultures in the European Union as a whole; the second part presents comprehensive case studies of the history and current state of the mass media in specific European nations, making Media in the Enlarged Europe an essential resource for media academics and students.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'The Enlarged Audio-visual Europe: The Many Faces of Europeanization' - Page 13
Hedwig de Smaele
Chapter 2: 'Trends in Television Programming: Commercialization, Transnationalization, Convergence' - Page 23
Andrea Esser
Chapter 3: 'Pluralist over Profitable: The Audio-visual Transformation Dilemma in Central and Eastern Europe' - Page 37
Gabriela E. Chira
Chapter 4: 'A New European Information Order' - Page 45
Jim Hall
Chapter 5: 'The European Union and the Press' - Page 53
David Hutchison
Chapter 6: 'An Elusive European Public Sphere: The Role of Shared Journalistic Culture' - Page 61
Monika Metykova and Paschal Preston
Chapter 7: 'Domesticating Europe: Communicative Spaces of the East of West' - Page 69
Inka Salovaara-Moring
Chapter 8: 'The European Union and its 'Promotions Deficit': Political Communication and the Global Warming Issue' - Page 79
Neil T. Gavin
Chapter 9: 'The Other Frontier: Media Assistance by International Organizations' - Page 91
Friederike von Franque
Chapter 10: 'Brand Europe: Moves Towards a Pan-European Identity' - Page 97
Rudiger Theilmann
Chapter 11: 'Religious Identities in the European Media: A Legal Perspective' - Page 105
Russell Sandberg
Chapter 12: 'The Mediated 'Ummah' in Europe: The Islamic Audience in the Digital Age' - Page 113
Yasmin Ibrahim
Chapter 13: 'Vernacular Geopolitics and Media Economies in an Enlarged Europe' - Page 125
Mark Hayward
Chapter 14: 'New Labour and the Reinvention of British and European History' - Page 133
Oliver Daddow
Chapter 15: 'Influences on the Editorial Opinions of the British Press Towards the European Union' - Page 145
Julie Firmstone
Chapter 16: 'News from Brussels, in Brussels: EU Reporting as Part of a 'Glocalized' and Market-driven Journalism: A Case Study of the Belgian Newspaper De Morgen' - Page 159
Kristel Vandenbrande and Davy Geens
Chapter 17: 'Challenges of Media Concentration: The Case of Regional Press Ownership in the Czech Republic' - Page 169
Monika Metykova and Lenka Waschkova Cisarova
Chapter 18: 'Public Interest Speech and Investigative Journalism: Latvia, the Diena Case and the European Court of Human Rights' - Page 177
Richard Caddell
Chapter 19: 'Challenges for Romanian Investigative Journalism' - Page 187
Valentina Marinescu
Chapter 20: 'Media Development in Moldova and European Integration' - Page 191
Liliana Vitu
Chapter 21: 'Maintaining Old Traditions of Media Diversity in Europe: The Non-Muslim Minority Media in Turkey' - Page 199
Eylem Yanardagoglu
Chapter 22: 'New Media, New Europe: Estonia's E-mediated State' - Page 207
Alec Charles
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