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Beyond Auteurism: New Directions in Authorial Film Practices
in France, Italy and Spain since the 1980s
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ISBN 9781841502045
Hardback 288 pages
230 x 174 mm
Published July 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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Beyond Auteurism is a comprehensive study of nine film authors from France, Italy and Spain who since the 1980s have blurred the boundaries between art-house and mainstream, and national and transnational film production.

Maule examines how the individuals have maintained a dialectical relationship with the authorial tradition of the national cinema to which each belongs. In considering this tradition, Maule seeks to illustrate that the film author is not only the most important symbol of European cinema’s cultural tradition and commitment, but is also a crucial part of Europe’s efforts to develop its cinema within domestic and international film industries. The book studies the work, practices and styles of European film-makers including Luc Besson, Claire Denis, Gabriele Salvatores and Alejandro Amenábar. Beyond Auteurism offers an important contribution to a historicized and contextualized view of film authorship from a theoretical framework that rejects Western-centred and essentialist views of cinematic practices and contexts.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'The Film Author and the Survival of European Cinema' - Page 31
Rosanna Maule
Chapter 2: 'The Middle Generation: Maurice Pialat, Gianni Amelio, and Victor Erice' - Page 61
Rosanna Maule
Chapter 3: 'The Difficult Legacy of the Nouvelle Vague: Olivier Assayas and French Film Authors at the End of Auterism' - Page 81
Rosanna Maule
Chapter 4: 'For an Impure Cinema: Gabriele Salvatores and the Hybrid Nature of Film Authorship in Contemporary Italian Cinema' - Page 109
Rosanna Maule
Chapter 5: 'A Different Type of Cinephilia: Alejandro Amenabar and the New Generation of Spanish Film Authors' - Page 133
Rosanna Maule
Chapter 6: ' Made in Europa: Luc Besson and the Question of Cultural Exception in Post-auteur France' - Page 163
Rosanna Maule
Chapter 7: 'Auterism and Women's Cinema in France, Italy and Spain' - Page 191
Rosanna Maule
Chapter 8: 'Female authors and Gendered Identity in Film: Claire Denis's Post-subjective Representation' - Page 207
Rosanna Maule
Chapter 9: 'Feminine Matters: Francesca Archiburgi and the Reconfiguration of Women in the Private Sphere' - Page 237
Rosanna Maule
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