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The Designer
Half a Century of Change in Image, Training, and Techniques
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ISBN 9781841501956
Paperback 144 pages
Published September 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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Design is one of the most fast-paced fields in the art world, as professionals, students and teachers must reckon with new technologies before the older versions have much time to collect dust. In The Designer, Rosemary Sassoon surveys fifty years of change in the world of design, evaluating the skills that have been lost, how new techniques affect everyday work, and how training methods prepare students for employment. This indispensable volume reveals how design is both an art and a skill – one with a rich past and momentous relevance for the future.

Along the way, Sassoon traces the fascinating trajectory of her career, from its beginning at art school and an early apprenticeship to her work as an established professional, with advice for designers at every stage of their own development. Weaving together biography and career advice, theory and practice, The Designer provides a unique history of the art form and looks ahead to an age of ever-changing attitudes to drawing, aesthetics, and artistic practice.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Changing attitudes, images and terminology' - Page 6
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 2: 'The neglect of drawing' - Page 15
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 3: 'Changes in the training of designers' - Page 24
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 4: 'Design education in the last fifty years: a personal perspective' - Page 40
Jorge Frascara
Chapter 5: 'Musing about design' - Page 51
Sharon Helmer Poggenpohl
Chapter 6: 'Reflections on design education in Western Australia during the last quarter of the twentieth century and beyond' - Page 65
Paul Green-Armytage
Chapter 7: 'Oven-ready for employment?'- Page 79
Neil Barnett & Darren Raven
Chapter 8: 'Setting out' - Page 100
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 9: 'Starting real life' - Page 105
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 10: 'Packaging design' - Page 117
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 11: 'Branching out' - Page 126
Rosemary Sassoon
Chapter 12: 'Writing, teaching, research and typefaces' - Page 133
Rosemary Sassoon
'A book that challenges many preconceptions and can be quite critical, [...] but which recognises the pluses as well as the minuses of the current state of education and comes up along the way with many positive suggestions. ' – Design Arts Magazine

'The broad explanation of traditional values and the fascination about a life time of work as a designer.' – Astrid Boeger, Academici

'[...] very enlightening. The book offers an interesting overview on traditional values, new ways of working and different teaching methods. ' – Form: The Making of Design Magazine

'The Designer: Half a Century of Change in Image, Training, and Techniques is an engaging and thoughtful collection, [...] enabling us to better understand the last half century of design. ' – Aidan Rowe,

'The book provides stimulus for thinking about the current context in which design practically operates and the learning goals that support a challenging and productive life in design.' – Visible Language

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