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Art and Theory After Socialism
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ISBN 9781841502113
Paperback 128 pages
230 x 174
Published September 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Mel Jordan and Malcolm Miles
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Contemporary visual culture, art, theory and criticism shifted after the end of the Cold War, so that cultural production in both the East and the West underwent radical new challenges.

Art and Theory After Socialism considers the new critical insights that are produced in the collisions of art theory from the ex-East and ex-West.

The collected essays assert that dreams promised by consumerism and capitalism have not been delivered in the East, and that the West is not a zone of liberation, increasingly drawn into global conflict as well as media presentation of a high-risk society.

Academics, artists and critics focus on specific practices and broader contexts for cultural production, highlighting the work of artists in the former Soviet and East European bloc and in the West. The collection reveals that some practices have not changed, and that in a world of globalized consumption, art and theory are not as liberated as first supposed. New practices are discussed: collaborative efforts by groups of artists, and the emergence of dissident art that subverts and challenges the institutional structures of the art world. Art and Theory After Socialism is a unique re-investigation of the overlap of art and everyday life in a post-Cold War world.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'From Shamed to Famed - The Transition of a Former Eastern German Arts Academy to the Talent Hotbed of a Contemporary Painter's School. The Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig' - Page 9
Sophie A. Gerlach
Chapter 2: 'Attacking Objectification: Jerry Beres in Dialogue with Marcel Duchamp' - Page 21
Klara Kemp-Welch
Chapter 3: 'On the Ruins of a Utopia: Armernian Avant-Garde and the Group Act' - Page 33
Angela Harutyunyan
Chapter 4: 'Art Communities, Public Spaces and Colective Actions in Armenian Contemporary Art' - Page 43
Vardan Azatyan
Chapter 5: 'Appropriating the Ex-Cold War' - Page 55
Malcolm Miles
Chapter 6: 'The End of an Idea: On Art, Horizons and the Post-Socialist Condition' - Page 67
Simon Sheikh
Chapter 7: 'Exploring Critiical and Political Art in the United Kingdom and Serbia' - Page 77
Sophie Hope & Marko Stamenkovic
Chapter 8: 'Other Landscapes (for Weimar, Goethe and Schiller)' - Page 89
Daniela Brasil
Chapter 9: 'The Ecology of Post-Socialism and the Implications of Sustainability for Contemporary Art' - Page 101
Maja Fowkes and Reuben Fowkes
Chapter 10: 'Functions, Functionalism and Functionlessness: On the Social Function of Public Art after Modernism' - Page 113
Freee Art Collective
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