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We Europeans?
Media, Representations, Identities
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ISBN 9781841502076
Paperback 224 pages
Published November 2008
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by William Uricchio
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This volume explores the relationship between media and identity along the fault-lines and fissures of the ever-shifting collectivities that constitute Europe. At the centre of this dynamic are human beings, who, as makers and users of media, negotiate identities, affiliations and meanings.

The collection explores how ethnicities, religions, tastes, generations and languages overlap one another, interact within individuals and define communities. Whether triggered by individual desires or shared fantasies, these dynamic collectivities make use of media in very different ways. Addressing topics such as films and television programmes, the Euro, photographs, postcards or public monuments, contributors reflect on this notion of ‘new collectivities’, not in an individualistic sense or collectively as nations but as multiple and shifting identities. With this as a starting point, the volume interrogates the processes that create and shape identity and characterize Europe as it physically expands and administratively consolidates. Essays explore media texts as sites of dreams and longed for identities, and articulate the fears and tensions surrounding the uses of transnational media, whether for purposes of cultural homogenization or isolation.

Drawing on novels, films and the press, the volume demonstrates the intricate interactions of history and memory as they inform and give shape to the present. We Europeans? Media, Representation, Identities addresses a scholarly readership with an interest in textual analysis and policy issues regarding media, identity and the many vantage points of Europe.


Chapter titles
'We Europeans? Media, Representations, Identities' - Page 11
William Uricchio
'Imaginary Americas in Europe’s Public Space' - Page 23
Rob Kroes
'Towns in Search of Identity' - Page 43
Roger Odin
'Getting Away and Going Home: The Visual Experience of the Exile as Tourist' - Page 59
Karin Becker
'Exiles and Ethnographers: An Essay' - Page 73
Philip Schlesinger
'Imperialism, Self-inflicted? On the Americanizations of Television in Europe' - Page 93
Jérôme Bourdon
'Media and Cultural Diversity in Europe' - Page 109
Kevin Robins
'Meanings of Money: The Euro as a Sign of Value and of Cultural Identity' - Page 123
Johan Fornäs
'Nation, Boundaries and Otherness in European ‘Films of Voyage’' - Page 141
Maria Rovisco
'The Media and the Symbolic Geographies of Europe: The Case of Yugoslavia' - Page 159
Sabina Mihelj
'Sicilian Film Productions: Between Europe and the Mediterranean Islands' - Page 177
Giuliana Muscio
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