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Zapolska's Women: Three Plays
Malka Szwarcenkopf, The Man and Miss Maliczewska
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ISBN 9781841502366
Paperback 192 pages
Published June 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Teresa Murjas
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This groundbreaking book contains the first English language translations of three plays by Polish playwright, actress and journalist Gabriela Zapolska. They were initially performed in fin-de-siecle, partitioned Poland. Each play focuses on the economic and social pressures faced by women. A general introduction and three focused essays will serve to contextualise the translations. The essays provide the following: biographical information about Zapolska relevant to the plays’ subject matter, analyses of her significance within Polish and European literary and theatrical traditions and discussion of the social and historical conditions from which the plays emerged. Murjas considers the plays’ performance history and delves into the significance of the plays in their new ‘linguistic context’.

Part of the Playtext series
Chapter titles
Introduction - Page 9
Teresa Murjas
'To You, it is Light - To Me, Darkness' - Page 25
Teresa Murjas
Matka Szwarcenkopf [1897] - Page 49
Teresa Murjas
'Condemned to Desire what we Cannot Possess' Page 155
Teresa Murjas
The Man [1901] - Page 169
Teresa Murjas
'Sister or Servant' - Page 261
Teresa Murjas
Miss Maliczewska [1910] - 267
Teresa Murjas
'The editor and translator of this volume, Teresa Murjas, offers us a milestone in the exploration of women's literature and history in Central Europe with these three plays, extensive commentary, and copious notes of clarification designed to facilitate stag ing and interpretation of some of the plays of Zapolska (1857-1921). ' – John K Cox, The Slavic and East European Journal

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