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New Flows in Global TV
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ISBN 9781841501949
Paperback 192 pages
Published June 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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Although TV distribution has undergone a massive increase in volume and value over the past fifty years, there is a systematic lack of both curiosity and knowledge on the part of both industry and scholars about this area.

This book assists in the filling of this gap by studying what, in fact, occurs in global trade in TV program formats within international markets such as Cannes, Las Vegas and Singapore. The study investigates key components of this trade, thereby elucidating the crucial dynamics at work in the most significant contemporary transnational cultural industry.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Issues' - Page 11
Albert Moran
Chapter 2: 'Places' - Page 23
Albert Moran
Chapter 3 :'Rhetorics' - Page 43
Albert Moran
Chapter 4: 'Stars' - Page 59
Albert Moran
Chapter 5: 'Languages' - Page 75
Albert Moran
Chapter 6: 'Geographies' - Page 89
Albert Moran
Chapter 7: 'Envoys' - Page 111
Albert Moran
Chapter 8: 'Piracy' - Page 129
Albert Moran
Chapter 9: 'Outposts' - Page 143
Albert Moran
Chapter 10: 'New flows in global TV'
Albert Moran
'New Flows in Global TV is essential to understanding global TV as a transnational cultural industry and will be a key text for those interested in the process of globalisation and television. ' – Kay Hearn, Media International Australia

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