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The Trustus Plays
The Hammerstone, Drift, Holy Ghost
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ISBN 9781841502243
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Published February 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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The Trustus Plays is an intriguing collection of three full-length plays by US playwright Jon Tuttle. The Hammerstone (1994) is an academic comedy about two professors aging gracelessly; Drift (1998) is a dark comedy about marriage and divorce, and, Holy Ghost (2005) portrays the plight of German POW’s kept in camps in the American South. Each is a winner of the national Trustus Playwrights Festival contest, and each has been produced by the Trustus Theatre, in Columbia, South Carolina.

Tuttle’s introduction discusses the existential underpinnings of the plays, and Trustus founder and Artistic Director Jim Thigpen provides a preface describing the theatre’s dedication to experimental, “edgy” social drama, and how Tuttle’s striking work has served that mission.

Part of the Playtext series
Chapter titles
'Through the Dark, Glassily: an Introduction' - Page 1
Jon Tuttle
'The Hammerstone' - Page 11
Jon Tuttle
'Drift' - Page 107
Jon Tuttle
'Holy Ghost' - Page 195
Jon Tuttle
'Holy Ghost from Page to Stage - and Back' - Page 289
Dewey Scott-Wiley
'Jon Tuttle's perceptive and fearless plays reveal a theatrical voice deserving to be heard. [...] Tuttle's plays are filled with juicy theatrical scenes underlined by wisdom that's both brutal and compassionate.' – Rich Orloff, Playwright, New York

'Jon Tuttle [...] gives us characters with dark souls whom we are compelled to care about; he gives those characters dialogue that is at once kitchen-sink gritty and classically poetic; and he causes us to pay rapt attention until the final curtain--not out of morbid curiosity, but out of a suspicion that we'll learn something useful and hopeful about our world. ' – Phil Ward, Director/Actor, Hollywood, CA

'[...] Tuttle is a very musical playwright whose work often musically carries us through driving “melodies” and syncopations [...]. And — as with the best musical artists — when the last notes are struck, the last chord sounded, we find ourselves feeling reflective: wondering about loss, pondering loyalty, grieving the failures of human aspiration.' – David Kranes, Playwright, Novelist and Founding Artistic Director, Sundance Playwrights Lab

'Jon Tuttle is a writer of great humor, compassion and humanity. [...] Like a fearless spelunker of the human condition, Tuttle digs his way into the lives of his characters, and explores the dangerous gaps between them – surveying the nooks and crannies that divide the known from the unknown, and the said from the unsaid, [finding] stories rife with bracing complexity and an aching sadness.' – David Lindsay-Abaire, Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama

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