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European Journalism Education
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ISBN 9781841502359
Hardback 464 pages
Published November 2009
Imprint: Intellect

Edited by Georgios Terzis
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This book maps recent developments in journalism education in Europe by providing an extensive review of the national education landscapes of 33 European counties. No less than 60 authors delve into the organizations that have provided journalism education in Europe over the years, including state and private universities, national unions of journalists, employers associations, private media companies and the church. They examine the content of this education from different parameters such as theory vs. practice, communication or journalism studies as opposed to a mixed system, and the impact of new media in the content of the curriculum.

Terzis analyzes the way in which European journalism education describes ‘media governance’ patterns (the interrelationships between the market, the state and the civil society which affect the media) in every country, as well as at the regional and European levels. It uses a two-dimensional approach in order to show how the commercialization, concentration, convergence and globalization of the media have affected the journalism education landscapes in Europe both at an institutional as well as at an individual level.

Chapter titles
Hugh Stephenson
Introduction: European Journalism Education in a Mess Media World
Georgios Terzis
PART I: The North Atlantic/Liberal Media Model Countries
PART II: The Northern European/Democratic Corporatist Media Model Countries
PART III: The Mediterranean/Polarized Pluralist Media Model Countries
PART IV: The Eastern European/Post-Communist Media Model Countries
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