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Readings in Primary Art Education
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ISBN 9781841502427
Paperback 256 pages
Published July 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Steve Herne and Sue Cox and Robert Watts
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With approximately 16,000 students beginning primary teacher education in the UK each year, and each of those being expected to teach art and design, this pioneering volume provides a renewed emphasis on ideas, issues and research in art and design education in the primary and early years phases. It gathers together work from internationally recognised authors, providing a critical framework to underpin current and developing practice in primary art and design education in the UK and worldwide.

Through in-depth exploration of debates that have taken place worldwide amongst art educators, it provides a critical framework to underpin current and developing practice. Herne’s edited collection is a welcome addition to art and design education and will be of interest to all those involved in primary art and design education, whether teachers, trainees, post-graduate students or academics.

Chapter titles
Introduction: Research in Primary Art Education - Page 9
Steve Herne, Sue Cox and Robert Watts
Chapter 1: 'Art in the Primary School: Towards First Principles' - Page 21
Geoffrey Southworth
Chapter 2: 'Art and the Pre-Adolescent Child - Applying Witkin's Theory of Subjective-Reflexive Action' - Page 33
Frank Dobson and David Jackson
Chapter 3: 'Marion Richardson' - Page 55
Bruce Holdsworth
Chapter 4: 'An Analysis of the Presentation of Art in the British Primary School Curriculum and its Implications for Teaching' - Page 73
Jenny Hallam, Helen Lee and Mani Das Gupta
Chapter 5: 'In Search of a Curriculum Model for the Primary Schools' - Page 83
Gillian Figg
Chapter 6: 'Compatibility; Incompatibilty? Froebelian Principles and the Art Curriculum' - Page 103
Margaret Payne
Chapter 7: 'Breadth and Balance? The Impact of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies on Art in the Primary School' - Page 117
Steve Herne
Chapter 8: 'Changing Views of Childhood and their Effects on Continuity in the Teaching of Drawing' - Page 127
Sheila Paine
Chapter 9: 'How Children Use Drawing' - Page 139
Dennis Atkinson
Chapter 10: 'Teaching Children to Draw in the Infants School' - Page 153
Maureen Cox, Grant Cooke and Deirdre Griffin
Chapter 11: 'Conversations around Young Children's Drawing: The Impact of the Beliefs of Significant Others at Home and School' - Page 169
Angela Anning
Chapter 12: 'Intention and Meaning in Young Children's Drawing' - Page 185
Sue Cox
Chapter 13: 'Originalities and Originals, Copies and Reproductions: Reflections on a Primary School Project' - Page 197
Anthony Dyson
Chapter 14: 'Art Learning in Developmental Perspective' - Page 207
Norman Freeman
Chapter 15: 'Teaching Now with the Living: A Dialogue with Teachers Investigating Contemporary Art Practices' - Page 219
Tara Page, Steve Herne, Paul Dash, Helen Charman, Dennis Atkinson and Jeff Adams
Chapter 16: '5 x 5 x 5 = Creativity in the Early Years' - Page 231
Mary Fawcett and Penny Hay
Chapter 17: 'Tutition or Intuition? Making Sketchbooks with a Group of Ten-Year-Old Children' - Page 247
Gillian Robinson
Chapter 18: 'An Art Enrichment Project for Eight to Ten-Year-Olds in the Ordinary Classroom' - Page 259
Angela Martin
Chapter 19: 'Electronic Paint: Understanding Children's Representation through their Interactions with Digital Paint' - Page 269
John Matthews and Peter Seow
Chapter 20: 'Attitudes to Making Art in the Primary School' - Page 287
Robert Watts
Chapter 21: 'Room 13: One Artist, 11 years, One School' - Page 301
Anna Harding
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