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Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe
Concepts and Conditions
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ISBN 9781841502434
Paperback 308 pages
Published March 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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How free are the media in Europe? Freedom of the press and an independent media system are often taken for granted and all of the EU-member states today have implemented guarantees of press freedom in their constitutions and judicial systems.

In Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe, researchers from twelve countries examine media systems regarding conditions for independence and pluralism. They discuss a European approach to press freedom and diversity and include case studies of a broad spectrum of media systems including Bulgaria, the Baltics, Poland, Romania, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The volume examines how other factors such as economic influences, historic, cultural and social conditions also have a substantial impact on media independence. With its topical subject matter and a need for new media policies facing a changing media world, Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe is an essential resource for media studies and journalism scholars.

Part of the ECREA series
Chapter titles
The Challenges of ICT to Media Pluralism   (Free Chapter) - Page 75
Media in Poland and Public Discourse   (Free Chapter) - Page 141
Mass Media Developments in Bulgaria   (Free Chapter) - Page 165
Pre-Conditions for Press Freedom in Germany   (Free Chapter) - Page 229
The Freedom of the Spanish Press   (Free Chapter) - Page 275
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