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Diasporas of Australian Cinema
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ISBN 9781841501970
Paperback 128 pages
Published May 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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Diasporas of Australian Cinema is the first volume to focus exclusively on diasporic hybridity and cultural diversity in Australian filmmaking over the past century.

Topics include post-war documentaries and migration, Asian-Australian subjectivity, cross-cultural romance, "wogsploitation" comedy, and post-ethnic cinema. This collection also provides a useful reference text for scholars of Australian film and cultural studies, with material on contemporary film-making and pre-World War II cinema. Containing previously unpublished articles by some the most recognised experts on Australian cinema, the book is a vital contribution to the burgeoning international interest in diasporic cinemas.

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'Introduction: Rethinking Diasporas- Australian Cinema, History and Society' - Page 15
Catherine Simpson, Renata Murawska and Anthony Lambert
Chapter 2: 'Tinkering at the Borders: Lucky Miles and the Diasporic (no) Road Movie' - Page 29
Catherine Simpson
Chapter 3: 'Ethics and Risk in Asian - Australian Cinema: The Last Chip' - Page 41
Audrey Yue
Chapter 4: 'I'm Falling in Your Love': Cross-cultural Romance and the Refugee Film' - Page 51
Sonia Magdelena Tascon
Chapter 5: 'White Aborigines: Women, Space, Mimicry and Mobility' - Page 61
Anthony Lambert
Chapter 6: 'Wogboy Comedies and the Australian National Type' - Page 73
Felicity Collins
Chapter 7: 'Excess in Oz: The Crazy Russian and the Quiet Australian' - Page 83
Greg Dolgopolov
Chapter 8: 'Anzac's 'Others': Cruel Huns' and 'Noble Turks' - Page 93
Antje Gnida and Catherine Simpson
Chapter 9: 'Now You Blokes Own the Place': Representations of Japanese Culture in Recent Australian Cinema' - Page 103
Rebecca Coyle
Chapter 10: 'Other Shorelines, or the Greek - Australian Cinema' - Page 115
John Conomos
Chapter 11: 'A European Heart': Exile, Isolation and Interiority in the Life and Films of Paul Cox' - Page 127
Marek Haltof
Chapter 12: 'Sophia Turkiewicz: Australianizing Poles, or 'Bloody Nuts and Bolts' in Silver City' - Page 137
Renata Murawska
Chapter 13: 'Lebanese Muslims Speak Back: Two Films by Tom Zubrycki' - Page 147
Susie Khamis
Chapter 14: 'Sejong Park's Birthday Boy and Korean - Australian Encounters' - Page 159
Ben Goldsmith and Brian Yecies
Diasporic Filmography - Page 169
Garry Gillard and Anthony Lambert
'"The collection begins with a theoretically-engaged Introduction where the editors provide two substantive arguments for the significance and importance of their diasporic approach, one historical, the other political: that ideas of a “transient, diasporic collective” are increasingly being attached to the Australian state (18); and that discussions of inclusive identities that allow for the possibility of multiplicity and “national cultural heterogeneity” (27) are particularly important at a time when calls for homogeneity have once again returned to prominence in Australia...Taken together, these chapters reveal a vibrant and important diasporic cinematic tradition in Australia. The collection both engages with and critiques its central diasporic concept, which gives it a methodological and theoretical strength that extends beyond its national focus." ' – Sarah Pinto, Southwest Journal of Cultures

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