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Inspiring Writing in Art & Design
Taking a Line for a Write
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ISBN 9781841502564
Paperback 296 pages
230x174 mm
Published April 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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Art and design students today face a wide range of writing tasks – from reflective and self-promotional pieces to reviews, essays and dissertations. This book is an answer to art and design students and staff, disheartened by negative past experiences, who say that they loathe writing, and encourages different approaches to writing – integrating it into studio practice, and promoting the notion of ‘warm up’ preparations.

This very practical volume, written for tutors and students, nurtures writing's creative role in the process of art and design. It uses short exercises and creative writing techniques combined with the energy and liveliness of the workshop situation to help with academic issues in writing assignments.

Chapter titles
Introduction - Page 15
Pat Francis
1. 'Principles' - Page 33
Pat Francis
2. 'Practicals' - Page 79
Pat Francis
3. 'Examples' - Page 221
Pat Francis
'Inspiring Writing in Art and Design is an excellent resource for all those who wish to engage art, design and media students in the practice of writing [...] I would highly recommend Dr. Francis's generous and inspiring book. ' – Jac Cattaneo, Networks Magazine, ADM-HEA

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demo  Said...

Pat’s understanding of the difficulty that students of the visual arts have when it comes to writing a piece is portrayed early in the book. This helps to lull the reader into feeling more comfortable with the prospect of writing and immediately makes the process of writing more appealing. Her references to Pual Klee and John Berger put writing into a context that art and design students can relate to, thus turning writing into a form of practical work and a more realistic task.

May 13, 2009 12:59
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