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A Philosophy for Creating and Teaching
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ISBN 9781841503134
Hardback 132 pages
Published April 2010
Imprint: Intellect
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The philosophy of the artist-teacher is not a new phenomenon. In fact, many artists working within the Bauhaus, nineteenth century Schools of Design, and The Basic Design Movement all applied this method of thinking to their teaching. The Artist-Teacher explores the many facets of this methodology, and the various ways art has been taught over the centuries, using several important artist-teachers (George Wallis, Walter Gropius, Richard Hamilton, Hans Hoffman) to illustrate the rich and deep ways artists are able to facilitate learning.

The Artist-Teacher
will serve as a foundational text for those entering the teaching profession at all levels, in addition to inspiring experienced art teachers in all disciplines.

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Chapter titles
Part One: Teaching Artist or Artist-Teacher?
Chapter One:
The Evolution of Teaching Art
Chapter Two:
The Artist-Teacher: From the Classical Era to the 21st Century
Chapter Three:
The Artist-Teacher: Just Another Title or a Distinctive Notion?
Part Two: Artist-Teachers
Chapter Four:
The Original Artist-Teacher
Chapter Five:
A Systematic Grammar
Chapter Six:
Bauhaus to Black Mountain
Chapter Seven:
The Classroom as Studio
Chapter Eight:
Preparing Artists
Chapter Nine:
Redefining the Artist-Teacher
'This is an enjoyable book to read either as a whole or to dip in and out of. It actively encourages the view that teachers should continue with their own practice and let it influence their pedagogy, a tenet that all today’s Artist Teachers would abide by. ' – Hazel McDougall, iJADE

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