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Searching for Art’s New Publics
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ISBN 9781841503110
Paperback 160 pages
Published April 2010
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Jeni Walwin
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Drawing on contributions from practicing artists, writers, curators and academics, Searching for Art’s New Publics explores the ways in which artists seek to involve, create and engage with new and diverse audiences: from passers-by encountering and participating in the work unexpectedly, to professionals from other disciplines and members of particular communities who bring their own agendas to the work.  

Bridging the gap between practice and theory, this exciting book touches on issues of relational aesthetics, but also offers an illustrated artist-based approach. Searching for Art’s New Publics will appeal to students studying fine art (especially those with an interest in cross-disciplinary work and public art) and those studying curating.

Chapter titles
Tammy Bedford
Jeni Walwin
Keynote Essay: Don’t Look Now! Art after the Viewer and beyond Participation
Dave Beech
PART I: Participation: Open or Closed
Chapter 1: The Anatomy of a Participatory Project
Sally O’Reilly
Chapter 2: Interview with Artist Chris Evans
Will Bradley
Chapter 3: Case Study One: Adam Dant’s Operation Owl Club
Helen Sumpter
Chapter 4: Who Speaks? Who Listens? Het Reservaat and Critical Friends
Sophie Hope
Chapter 5: Tell Me Your Story: An Interview with Artist Harrell Fletcher
Marisa Sánchez
Part II: Sonic Openness
Chapter 6: Open Sounds: On the Track of the Dissolving Audience
David Briers
Chapter 7: Eagles are the Best: Juneau Projects in Conversation
Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth
Chapter 8: Case Study Two: Melanie Pappenheim in Reading
Helen Sumpter
Part III: The Emancipation of the Spectator: The Viewer Completes the Circuit
Chapter 9: Headless in Hirschhorn’s Classroom
Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield
Chapter 10: Linked
Graeme Miller
Chapter 11: London Fieldworks: Polaria and Little Earth
Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson
Part IV: The Art Object Reaches Out: Dissolves, Embraces
Chapter 12: A Fair Event: Considering an Action by Nina Beier
Vincent Honoré
Chapter 13: Case Study Three: Gillian Wearing – Family History
Helen Sumpter
Chapter 14: An Audience with…
Adam Sutherland
Chapter 15: Bata-ville: We Are Not Afraid of the Future
Nina Pope with contributions from Mike Ostler
Chapter 16: Co-productive Exhibition-making
Paul O’Neill
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