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Art Education in a Postmodern World
Collected Essays
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ISBN 9781841503028
Paperback 166 pages
Published May 2009
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Tom Hardy
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This volume presents a series of papers concerned with the interrelations between the postmodern and the present state of art and design education. Spanning a range of thematic concerns, the book reflects upon existing practice and articulates revolutionary prospects potentially viable through a shift in educative thinking.

Many of the essays pinpoint the stagnancy of teaching methods today and discuss the reductive parameters enforced by the current curriculum. The radical tone that echoes through the entire series of papers is unmistakable. Throughout the book, postmodern theory informs the polemical debate concerning new directions in educative practice. Contributors shed new light on a postmodern view of art in education with emphasis upon difference, plurality and independence of mind. Ultimately, the paper provides a detailed insight into the various concepts that shape and drive the contemporary art world and expands the debate regarding the impression of postmodern thinking in art education.

‘The collection of essays enables the reader to perceive the stream of multiple changes that have altered our consciousness about the arts during the last decades of the Twentieth Century and the opening years of the twenty-first’ (Arthur D. Efland, Ohio State University).

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: 'A Manifesto for Art in Schools' - Page 17
Tom Hardy
Chapter 2: 'Nick Stanley and Sarat Maharaj: A Discussion' - Page 27
Sarat Maharaj
Chapter 3: 'Censorship in Contemporary Art Education' - Page 33
Lee Emery
Chapter 4: 'Post-it Culture: Postmodernism and Art and Design Education' - Page 45
Stuart W. MacDonald
Chapter 5: 'The Trouble with Postmodernism' - Page 57
Stuart W. MacDonald
Chapter 6: 'Postmodern Feminisms: Problematic Paradigms'- Page 67
Lesley Burgess
Chapter 7: 'The Knowing Body: Art as an Integrative System of Knowledge' - Page 77
John Danvers
Chapter 8: 'Postmodernism and the Art Curriculum: A New Subjectivity' - Page 91
Malcolm Miles
Chapter 9: 'Challenges to Art Education from Visual Culture Studies' - Page 99
Paul Duncum
Chapter 10: 'Who's Afraid of Signs and Significations? Defending Semiotics in the Secondary Art and Design Curriculum' - Page 113
Nicolas Addison
Chapter 11: 'On Sampling the Pleasures of Visual Culture: Postmodernism and Art Education' - Page 125
Robin Marriner
Chapter 12: 'A Critical Reading of the National Curriculum for Art in the Light of Contemporary Theories of Subjectivity' - Page 137
Dennis Atkinson
Chapter 13: 'Assessment in Educational Practice: Forming Pedagogised Identities in the Art Curriculum' - Page 147
Dennis Atkinson
'Hardy's book of essays is useful in that it helps the reader contextualize movements like visual culture as an initiative that has its roots in the postmodern cultural situation. ' – Arthur Efland, International Journal of Education through Art

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