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The Mobile Nation
España Cambia de Piel (1954–1964)
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ISBN 9781841503240
Paperback 256 pages
230x174 mm
Published February 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Tatjana Pavlović
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The last five years have witnessed a surge in publications on Spanish cinema and Spanish cultural studies, but the subject of consumer culture in Spain has been neglected until now. The Mobile Nation: España cambia de piel (1954–1964) presents the first systematic treatment of this crucial period during Spain’s transition to modernity and highlights the forces that converged during this dramatic decade to change the face of Spain. Drawing from the methodologies of literature, film studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, and history, The Mobile Nation explores consumer culture in Spanish media, mass tourism, and the national auto industry from 1954 to 1964 and offers valuable insight into postmodern Spain’s transformation and trends.

Chapter titles
Introduction Spain: The Mobile Nation (1954-1964)
Chapter I La hora del lector: Literature and the Market
Chapter II Television (Hi)stories: Un escaparate en cada hogar
Chapter III Voces de oro: Spain, Modernity, and the Child Star System
Epilogue Mobile Subjects: La vida sobre ruedas
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