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Directory of World Cinema: Russia
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ISBN 9781841503721
Volume 1
Paperback 334 pages
Published October 2010
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Birgit Beumers
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Be they musicals or melodramas, war movies or animation, Russian films have a long and fascinating history of addressing the major social and political events of their time. From Sergei Eisenstein’s anti-tsarist drama, Battleship Potemkin, to socialist realism, to the post-glasnost thematic explosion, this volume explores the socio-political impact of the cinema of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Introductory essays establish key players and situate important genres within their cultural and industrial milieus, while reviews and case studies analyze individual titles in considerable depth. For the film studies scholar, or for all those who love Russian cinema and want to learn more, Directory of World Cinema: Russia will be an essential companion.

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Chapter titles
Birgit Beumers
Film of the Year: Vasilii Sigarev’s Wolfy (2009) reviewed by Mark Lipovetskii, followed by an interview with Vasilii Sigarev and Yana Troianova
Birgit Beumers
Industry Spotlight: From Russian to Soviet to Russian
Birgit Beumers
Festival Focus: Kinotavr
Nancy Condee and Birgit Beumers
Genre Issues: What does zhanr mean in Russian?
Dawn Seckler
Historical Film
Stephen Norris
War film
Denise Youngblood
Comedy/musical comedy
David Gillespie
Otto Boele
Literary Adaptation
Stephen Hutchings
Seth Graham
Children’s Films
Alexander Prokhorov
Action/Red Western
David MacFadyen
Jeremy Hicks
Birgit Beumers
Birgit Beumers
Recommended Reading
Birgit Beumers
Russian Cinema Online
Birgit Beumers
Test your Knowledge
Birgit Beumers
Notes on Contributors
Birgit Beumers
'Peppered with high-quality film stills and questions to consider while viewing, 'Directory of World Cinema: Russia' encourages its reader to hunt out lesser-known films and to revisit his/her favourites.' – Rosemari Baker: Modern Language Review

'A provocative and illuminating volume. Even seasoned Russian film experts stand to learn something from this volume, whether because it invited them to reevaluate their basic historiographical assumptions or because it introduces them to a number of under-the-radar films.' – Hannah Frank: Slavic and East European Journal

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