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Misreading Postmodern Antigone
Marco Bellocchio’s Devil in the Flesh (Diavolo in Corpo)
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ISBN 9781841503615
Volume 1
Paperback 176 pages
Published January 2011
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Jan Jagodzinski
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In the mid-1980s, film director Marco Bellocchio and renegade psychoanalyst Massimo Fagioli co-wrote The Devil in the Flesh, a politically and sexually charged film illustrating some of Fagioli's controversial theories. Echoing the anti-Lacanian sentiment popularized by Gilles Deleuze, the film is perhaps best remembered for a scene in which the character Andrea misreads a section of the famous Greek tragedy, Antigone. But this scene has itself been frequently misread, opening up the text to questions of feminism, politics and the representation of Antigone - a figure frequently used and abused in feminist politics. Displaying considerable analytic depth, Misreading Modern Antigone considers these divergent readings and what they have to tell us about contemporary society.

Chapter titles
A Descriptive Analysis of the Text
Patriarchy against Matriarchy?
Third Reading: Antigone's Daughter and Haemon's Son Invade the Red Brigades
Fourth Reading: The Framing of the French Letter: The Other Unseen/Scene Film
Fifth Reading: Bellocchio's Anti-Tragedy as Seen/Scene Through Antigones Frames
Sixth Reading: The Hysteric's Discourse: The Undutiful Daughter
Leaving the Text: A Shock to Thought
Into the Image: From Hysteria to the Schizo
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