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Berliner Chic
A Locational History of Berlin Fashion
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ISBN 9781841503691
Paperback pages
Published November 2010
Imprint: Intellect
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Since becoming the capital of reunited Germany, Berlin has had a dose of global money and international style added to its already impressive cultural veneer. Once home to emperors and dictators, peddlers and spies, it is now a fashion showplace that attracts the young and hip. This gripping history follows Berlin chic through a host of historical eras and events, including the Nazi eradication of the primarily Jewish ready-to-wear industry, the confusion surrounding the split and reunification of the East and West, an unsuccessful effort to launch a fashion museum, and the debut of Berlin Fashion Week in 2007. There are many fabulous stories to tell about Berlin fashion and Berliner Chic tells them all with verve and considerable expertise.

To read the review in A Journal of Germanic Studies click here to download the pdf (in German).

Part of the Urban Chic series
Chapter titles
Introduction: Locating Berliner Chic
Chapter One: Berliner Chic in Museums
Chapter Two: Berliner Chic and Historiography
Chapter Three: Berliner Chic Between Fashion and Photography
Chapter Four: Berliner Chic on the Silver Screen.
Chapter Five: Berlin Calling: Sex and Drugs and Punk and Techno
Chapter Six: Becoming Berlin: The Flux of Corporate Luxe
Conclusion: Where Fashion Lives Today: Battleground Berlin
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