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Recording Memories from Political Violence
A Film-maker's Journey
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ISBN 9781841503011
Paperback 144 pages
Published December 2010
Imprint: Intellect
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Based on work the author has carried out with survivor groups in South Africa and Northern Ireland, Recording Memories from Political Violence combines written and audiovisual texts to describe and analyze the use of documentary filmmaking in recording experiences of political conflict. A variety of issues relevant to the genre are addressed at length, including the importance of ethics in the collaboration between the filmmaker and the participant and the effect of location on the accounts of participants. McLaughlin draws on the diverse fields of film and cultural studies, as well as nearly twenty years of production experience, in this informed and instructive contribution to documentary filmmaking and post-conflict studies.

Click here to download a pdf of the review from Irish Studies Review

Click here to download a pdf of the review from Crime, Media, Culture

Chapter titles
Dedication and Acknowledgements
Raising Heads above the Parapet: Research Questions, Context and Methodologies
Telling Our Story: The Springhill Massacre
A Prisoner’s Journey: Educational Filmmaking
We Never Give Up: Reparations in South Africa
Inside Stories: Memories from The Maze and Long Kesh Prison
Inside Stories: Insider Outsider Perspectives
Prisons Memory Archive
Unheard Voices
Bibliography and Filmography

'A book about memory, trust, and an invaluable historical recording. It would be a disservice ... if the memories and voices in these films didn’t attract as wide an audience as possible.' – Irish Studies Review- Jenny Meegan and Philip O’Sullivan

'A good example of how research and practice can walk hand in hand. ... Very well written.' – Crime, Media, Culture- Laura Santos Lopes de Aguiar

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