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Europe and Love in Cinema
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ISBN 9781841503790
Paperback 256 pages
Published December 2011
Imprint: Intellect
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Review: Necsus

Edited by Jo Labanyi and Luisa Passerini and Karen Diehl
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Europe and Love in Cinema explores the relationship between love and Europeanness in a wide range of films from the 1920s to the present. A critical look at the manner in which love - in its broadest sense - is portrayed in cinema from across Europe, this volume exposes constructed notions of 'Europeanness' that both set Europe apart and define some parts of it as more 'European' than others. Through the international distribution process, these films engage with ideas of Europe from both outside and within, while some, treated extensively in this volume, offer alternative models of love. A provocative collection of essays from top film scholars, Europe and Love in Cinema demonstrates the centrality of desire to film narrative and explores multiple models of love within Europe's frontiers.

Chapter titles
Editors’ Introduction
Part 1—Disciplinary and Historical Contexts
Part 1
1. Cinema and Academia: Of Objects of Love and Objects of Study
Thomas Elsaesser
2. For Love or Money: Transnational Developments in European Cinema in the 1920s
Andrew Higson
3. Love beyond the Nation: Cosmopolitanism and Transational Desire in Cinema
Tim Bergfelder
Part 2—Impossible Loves
Part 2
4. Love in two British films of the late silent period: Hindle Wakes (Maurice Elvey, 1927) and Piccadilly (E.A. Dupont, 1929)
Laura Mulvey
5. La dame de Malacca or Eurocentrism’s dream of omnipotence
Luisa Passerini
6. Love and colonial ambivalence in Spanish Africanist cinema of the early Franco dictatorship
Jo Labanyi
Part 3—Movements in Time-Space
Part 3
7. The love-lives of others: reconstructing German national identity in postwar and post-unification cinema
Seán Allan
8. Exiled memories: transnational memoryscapes in recent French cinema
Liliana Ellena
9. Migration, attachment, belonging: filming the Mediterranean in Spain and Italy
Enrica Capussotti
Part 4—Cultural Reinscriptions
Part 4
10. Luis Buñuel and explosive love in southern Europe
Luisa Accati
11. Love and belonging in Western
Lucy Mazdon
12. A conflicted passion: European film
Karen Diehl
Notes on contributors
'Rewarding and invigorating' – Necsus, Fiona Handyside

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