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Global Technological Change
From Hard Technology to Soft Technology (2nd ed)
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ISBN 9781841503769
Second Edition
Paperback 320 pages
Published October 2010
Imprint: Intellect
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This revised and updated second edition of Global Technological Change reconsiders how we make and use technology in the twenty-first century. With human-centred 'soft technology' driving machine-based 'hard technology' in ever more complex ways, Zhouying Jin provides a much-needed understanding of the human dimension of technological advancement. Through a theoretical framework that incorporates elements of both Eastern and Western philosophy, she offers insight into the dynamic between the two as it relates to a variety of technological innovations. More relevant than ever, Global Technological Change continues to challenge assumptions about technology and the gap between the developed and developing countries in the twenty-first century.

Chapter titles
Preface to the English Edition: Theodore Gordon
Table of Contents
The Evolution of Technology
Historical Antecedents of Soft Technology
The Essence and Characteristics and Classifications of Soft Technology
Soft Technology and Technological Competitiveness-High tech does not represent the whole shoot
Soft Technology and Innovation
Soft-Tech Industries
Soft Technology and the Fourth Generation of Technology Foresight
The Principles for Development in the Twenty-first Century
About the Author
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