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The Hidden Words of Bahá'u'lláh (Persian)
Illustrated by Corinne Randall
Out of Print
ISBN 9781841503882
Paperback 64 pages

Published May 2010
Imprint: Intellect
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In this transcription of the Persian Hidden Words, the sequence and titles of passages have been matched with the authoritative English translation by Shoghi Effendi. Hence the passage that comes last in all other Persian reprints has been repositioned to 35 to match the sequence of that edition. Also in the English version passage 19 consists of two paragraphs, whereas in some earlier Persian prints they were separated thus incrementing the total count by one to 83.

Composed by the founder of the Bahá'i Faith about the year 1858 as he walked, wrapped in contemplation beside the River Tigris in Baghdád, where He was exiled (1853-1863). This illustrated version dives into the essential moods and creative mysteries of the word of God and rises to the surface of this infinite ocean to leave a ripple of visual illumination on the surface realm.

Each one of the 64 full colour pages is rich with variety containing a decorative background that complements the text or an accompanying illustration.


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