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Feminist Ethics in Film
Reconfiguring Care through Cinema
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ISBN 9781841504063
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Published February 2012
Imprint: Intellect
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Popular films can do more than merely entertain us; they can contribute to our understanding of human nature. Feminist Ethics in Film explores the quasi-biographies on offer at the cinema and shows how these stories and relationships deepen our theoretical grasp of care-based ethics that have been overlooked in less contextualized discussions. In particular, the book examines the relationships between care and community, autonomy, family and self-transformation. Examining films from the perspective of feminist, care-based ethics both expands our knowledge of this burgeoning area of philosophy and adds depth to our appreciation of the films.

Chapter titles
Saturday Night Fever: Self-Care, Moral Growth and Narrative
Sea Changes: Failure to Care in The Squid and the Whale
The Bonds and Boundaries of Friendship in Friends with Money
From Despair to Care: Self-Transformation in Monster’s Ball
Tuning into Caring Community in Radio
Gandhi: The Ethics of Care in the Nation-State
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