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Media and Participation
A site of ideological-democratic struggle
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ISBN 9781841504070
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Published April 2011
Imprint: Intellect
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Participation has become fashionable again, but at the same time it has always played a crucial role in our contemporary societies, and it has been omnipresent in a surprisingly large number of societal fields. In the case of the media sphere, the present-day media conjuncture is now considered to be the most participatory ever, but media participation has had a long and intense history. To deal with these paradoxes, this book looks at participation as a structurally unstable concept and as the object of a political-ideological struggle that makes it oscillate between minimalist and maximalist versions. This struggle is analysed in theoretical reflections in five fields (democracy, arts, development, spatial planning and media) and in eight different cases of media practice. These case studies also show participation’s close connection to power, identity, organization, technology and quality.

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Chapter titles
Chapter 1: Defining Participation: An Interdisciplinary Overview
1. Democratic theory and participation
2. Beyond democratic theory
3. Audience participation and communication (rights)3. Audience participation and communication (rights)
Chapter 2: Keyword – Power
1. A conceptual introduction
2. Case 1: Management in the north Belgian audience discussion programme Jan Publiek
3. Case 2: Barometer and the post-political
Chapter 3: Keyword – Identity
1. A conceptual introduction
2. Case 1: The construction of ordinary people in Jan Publiek
3. Case 2: Temptation Island – reality TV and minimalist participation
Chapter 4: Keyword – Organization
1. A conceptual introduction
2. Case 1: BBC’s Video Nation
3. Case 2: RadioSwap
Chapter 5: Keyword – Technology
1. A conceptual introduction
2. Case: Kinoautomat – One man and his house. The lack of uptake of participatory technology
Chapter 6: Keyword – Quality
1. A conceptual introduction
2. Case 1: 16plus, Barometer and the rejection of participatory products
3. Case 2: Alternative and community media constructions of quality: Negotiated quality
Chapter 7: A Short Conclusion
'Carpentier impresses with his seemingly bottomless theoretical knowledge and the eloquence with which he navigates the discursive fields of power, participation and ideology in the media' – Global Media and Communication, Jakob Svensson

'A very well argued, written, and illustrated book on media participation' – International Journal of E-Politics, Itır Akdoğan

'Carpentier’s book makes evident that power relations within a society are mediated through participation and those struggles between institutions and users remain a quintessential field of investigation' – Medijske Studije / Media Studies, Zlatan Krajina

'A lucid analysis' – Media and Participation, Lars Nyre

'The book offers a lucid yet exhaustive account, combining both intricate theoretical detail with prudent and informative examples' – Political Studies Review, James Dennis

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