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The Cinema of Mika Kaurismäki
Transvergent Cinescapes, Emergent Identities
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ISBN 9781841504094
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Published April 2011
Imprint: Intellect
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Mika Kaurismäki’s films challenge many boundaries – national societies, genre formations, art/popular culture, fiction/documentary, humanity/nature, and problematic distinctions between different zones of development. Synthesizing concepts from a range of thematic frameworks – e.g. auteurism, eco-philosophy, genre, cartography, cineaste networks, global reception, distribution and exhibition practices, and the potential of postnationalism – this book provides an interdisciplinary reading of Kaurismäki’s cinema. The notion of ‘transvergence’ – of thinking in heterogeneous and polyphonal terms – emerges as an analytical method for exploring the power of these films. Through this, the volume encourages rethinking transnational cinema studies in relation to many oft-debated notions such as Finnish culture, European identity, cosmopolitanism and globalization.

 Publication Forum (Finland) lists this book as a Level 2 publication, where ‘the highest-level publications are directed as a result of extensive competition and demanding peer-review’. For Intellect’s full listings in this catalogue, please click here.

Chapter titles
Introduction: The (trans)national and the Global in Mika Kaurismäki’s Films
The Aki/Mika Syndrome: Cosmopolitan Auteurism and the Search for Cinematic Stability
Cross-genre: Transnational Genre Mutations
Mapping Transnational Space at the Margins of the Global Metropolis: Representations of the City in Kaurismäki’s Films
Post-road: Deconstructing the European Road Movie
Auto-ethnography: Merging the Self and 'Other' in Brazilian Music Documentaries
Post-nation: Kaurismäki’s Films in a Global Spectrum
The Potential of Post-humanism: Kaurismäki and the Ecological Imagination
The Polyphonality of Transvergence: The Reception of Kaurismäki’s Cinema
Conclusion: Beyond the Happy Ending
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